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RetralGateway is an affiliate site. That is, it seeks out and presents to you items that we think you may enjoy, alongside the stories, pictures and commentary we present on all things you can IMAGINE. An affiliate site earns money by introducing you to items that we think you may be interested in. If you click on a link on the RetralGateway site, you may click through to a site that may try to sell you something. If you buy from that site, we earn a commission (affiliate fee), however, all items displayed on this site have been searched for and presented to you AFTER the articles on this site were written. The articles have not been written to suit the items.

While we have searched out items that match the theme and articles on the RetralGateway site, we do not sell them to you, nor are we responsible for your purchase from the seller. As with any item you buy on  line, please carry out your own due diligence as to whether you need it, can afford it, whether it suits your circumstances and whether you REALLY want it. We like nice things as much as anyone else, but necessities come first and there is no point in buying something that will just sit gathering dust. So please, use your common sense about any item you may see on any site and that you might decide to buy. Thank you for reading and for visiting this site!